Sri Lanka is today in a very critical phase as it builds a strong digital foundation upon which its rapid economic growth can be achieved. Needless to say, the country’s long-term sustainable growth rides on the digital wave.

As a result, pockets of digitization – both within the government and the private sector – are now giving way to a more inclusive digital agenda. This includes leveraging digital to make the economy more inclusive and sustainable, the citizens more empowered, and the business more productive and competitive.

With the Covid-19 pandemic further accelerating the digital transformation journey already underway, there is a need to embrace this inclusive digital charter at speed and at scale. This will be fundamental to growth revival for businesses amid uncertainty as well as efficient and timely delivery of public services for the government.

ETCIO Spectrum Sri Lanka 2022 will deliver insights around addressing the most pressing issues around building an inclusive digital charter that will help transform Sri Lanka into a smart economy and drive all-round growth. The Summit will cover both the policy and technology aspects to help the government, as well as the public and private businesses, take full advantage of digital for the post-pandemic growth economy.