You’re probably sick of hearing the word “metaverse” by now, but when something this big and exciting captures the imagination of the digital world, well, sometimes, you just have to run with it.

And METALAND in HongKong aims to be the place where physical world of travel and business are merged with digital one to build a biggest smart city on the world.

METALAND is the metaverse smart city promises to become the next big thing for investors who aren’t afraid of a lot of risk, users are able to visit, buy or sell lands and spaces, to interact, socialize, work, play, transact and to play games with friends. And it’s a popular place for people of all ages to gather and participate in events like concerts, shows, and art galleries, among other experiences.

With all the hype on overdrive, it might seem like the time to buy land in the metaverse has passed. The truth is quite the opposite. Although admittedly, the best time to have purchased real estate in the metaverse was about six months ago, the second-best time to buy it is now — right now, right this moment. It’s absolutely not too late to buy land in the METALAND for so many reasons.

  1. New communities continue to be built in METALAND.

Whether it’s growth within existing platforms, the METALAND recently announced expansion plan to create a virtual Hong Kong-themed city called METALAND SMART CITY, the new platforms starting from scratch, the metaverse is still in a growth phase and expanding by the day.

Not all of these communities will make it, of course, but the sheer amount of investment going into the space means METALAND really trying hard to make the metaverse sticky. And METALAND wouldn’t be doing that if the interest didn’t anticipate to continue to grow.

METALAND projects that the metaverse is a long-term trend in the making, including it as a long-term trend in its “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for 2022.”

  1. Big brands are already in the METALAND, and a lot more are coming.

The launch of virtual stores in METALAND makes many of Fashion brands very excited to stake a claim in the METALAND. Fashion brands have taken a liking to the METALAND, with brands from Gucci to Nike arranging events or partnering with NFT artists to create virtual versions of very real and popular goods. Fashion Week in METALAND is a big deal, and it’s coming up in September. Even the Australian Open is planning a days-long virtual event in METALAND to correspond with the real one.

Also coming soon to the METALAND include such not-so-sexy but endlessly useful companies as Pricewaterhouse Coopers and accounting firms.

  1. METALAND Prices continue to rise steadily.

Interest in METALAND real estate only continues to grow. While there are certainly people buying things in the metaverse for fear of missing out (FOMO), as well as big companies that may not fully understand what they’re getting into but know other brands are doing it, there are also plenty of very savvy, very smart people getting into this space.

Buying in the metaverse lands continues to be a very risky proposition. If you choose the wrong metaverse platform, you could lose absolutely everything you’ve invested. However, there are also enormous future opportunities in METALAND for people who buy sooner rather than later.

In fact, METALAND real estate has enormous growth potential. This is especially true as more brands enter the space and work hard to create experiences that simply can’t be had in the real world due to limiting factors like physics or, just as likely, an ongoing pandemic that shows no signs of letting up.