Mckinsey reported that over $120 billion had been invested into the Metaverse in the first five months of 2022. They also expect the industry to be worth $5 trillion by 2030. These investments signal the huge potentials the industry holds. As a savvy crypto investor, it is best to tap into this market before a massive explosion.

You can start by investing in the major components of the Metaverse ecosystem, which are tokens—crypto tokens and NFTs. Crypto tokens facilitate virtual transactions, while NFTs are the objects used in the Metaverse. In this regard, this piece would reveal top projects playing a huge role in the Metaverse. These tokens are Polygon(MATIC), StepN(GMT), Tamadoge(TAMA), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).


Frequent users of the Ethereum network can attest to the congestion, slow transaction speed, and costly gas fees. Polygon(MATIC) was created to tackle these issues on the Ethereum network.

Synonymous to its geometric name, Polygon(MATIC) is a network with multiple chains all acting on Ethereum to facilitate speedier transactions on an interconnected network. Inherently, it is a layer-2 solution.

With Polygon(MATIC), developers can build Ethereum-compatible applications connected to the main network. Hence, Polygon(MATIC) is similar to protocols like Avalanche, Cosmos, and Polkadot.

Like many other protocols, Polygon(MATIC) has a native token known as MATIC. This token can validate transactions, earn passive rewards, and vote changes. Let’s not forget its ability to serve as a means of payment.


StepN(GMT) is the first move-to-earn solution on the Metaverse. To utilize StepN(GMT), users will purchase NFT sneakers which will then be used to partake in fitness activities such as walks, jogging, and running outdoors.

The time you can spend on daily activities depends on the sneaker’s energy level. There are different forms of sneakers in the marketplace, with varying specifics and energy levels. So, users can purchase their desired sneakers and start earning.

On the StepN(GMT) platform, there are two major crypto tokens—Green Satoshi Token(GST) and Green Metaverse Token(GMT). GST is the utility token, while GMT is the governance token.

Plus, GMT is paid to users whose sneakers have hit the Level 30 stage. Those optimistic about the future of StepN(GMT) should consider holding GMT as it has a limited supply and has performed significantly better than GST.


Like real pets, your purchase, train, and breed them into adult pets. Tamadoge(TAMA) works similarly. Tamadoge(TAMA) is an NFT pet in the Tamaverse—Tamadoge(TAMA) metaverse world. As the owner of one or a group of Tamadoge(TAMA) pets, proper breeding is crucial to how much you can earn. A well-fed and trained pet can compete in arcades and win price points for its owners.

With the Tamadoge(TAMA) pets as Metaverse NFTs, they’d feel as much as a real pet. When logged into virtual reality, these pets look real. The Tamadoge(TAMA) team is taking it further by collaborating with other Metaverse worlds. With these, Tamadoge(TAMA) owners can play with their pets in any virtual world.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a community-centric meme token planning to contribute greatly to DeFi and the Meta. As we all know, many meme coins are attributed to Dogs and Apes, but Big Eyes Coin (BIG) took a different aesthetic.

The cat. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is not just a cat but an aesthetically appealing cat. With its look, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) should win the NFT beauty contest and the most popular meme coin.

The hype has played a crucial role in the growth of crypto coins and NFTs—sometimes, unreal hype. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) intends to be the talk and do the project. It will be creating a series of events and contents that will help people navigate the DeFi space. Plus, the token will also be greatly influenced by the community.

As a genuine decentralized and community meme coin, we expect Big Eyes Coin(BIG) to grow significantly. Investors can partake in the presales of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to tap into potential returns.

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