What is the 8 best metaverse crypto to explode in 2022? This is the question we often hear, and it is hard to give any predictions, especially now, considering the inflation and volatility of the prices.

However, every year brings some favorites and some coins that have a vast potential to be successful, and 2022 is no different. Here is the list of the 8 best metaverse crypto to explode in 2022

The Best metaverse Crypto in 2022 

  • Battle Infinity (IBAT)
  • Tamadoge (TAMA)
  • Decentraland (MANA)
  • ApeCoin (APE)
  • Sandbox (SAND)
  • Highstreet (HIGH)
  • Star Atlas (ATLAS)
  • Axie Infinity

Here is a closer look at these best metaverse crypto in 2022.

Battle Infinity is the best metaverse crypto to explode in 2022  

Battle Infinity is the newest P2E metaverse project that hopes to change the gaming world completely. This is a platform with multiple games that are integrated with the metaverse under the name Battle Arena. This is a complete ecosystem where players can play games and interact, perform, watch or explore the world of Battle Arena. Contestants can as well chat with other members in the metaverse.

The main goal of this platform is to bring revolution to the gaming world and to:

  • Create a decentralized gaming world through its integration with blockchain and metaverse.
  • Give users and creators ownership.
  • Provide a tamper proof gaming system impossible to trespass.

The project originates from India, a country with some of the best software engineers in the world and a terrific  NFT reputation since it is the homeland of Layer 2 Polygon. Also, the whole ecosystem of Battle Infinity is verified/KYC’d on Coinsniper, so there is no danger of fraud. Also, this project aims to become the new Axie Infinity but with a bigger stake pool.

The Battle Infinity is a complete ecosystem of 6 different products that are efficient, easy to use, and handy.

IBAT Battle Swap – a decentralized exchange where players can buy IBAT directly and convert their rewards into another currency.

IBAT Battle Market – marketplace for users to mint and sell their artwork, buy or sell and advertise their assets on Battle Arena and billboards.

IBAT Battle Game – a place where players can access multiple NFT-based games, play them and earn.

IBAT Battle Arena – a place where players have a unique avatar that they can upgrade at the Battle Market.

IBAT Premier League – This is the first decentralized, blockchain-based Fantasy Sports cricket game. Premier League is integrated with metaverse, and players can build a football team and compete with others.

IBAT Battle Stake – This is a space where players can stake their tokens for definite periods to receive an annual percentage yield (APY).

Battle Infinity’s token IBAT is a key to unlocking all features of the ecosystem because players have to own them to be able to play Battle Infinity. The token can be used as an entrance ticket to the Battle Infinity platform, or for advertisements on the billboards.

There will be 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) tokens in circulation, with the following allocation:

  • Presale – 28%
  • Private sale – 2.5%
  • Foundation & development – 10%
  • Marketing & cex Listing – 18%
  • Founders and partners – 20%
  • Advisors & legal team  – 5%
  • Liquidity – 6%
  • Team allocation – 10.5%

IBAT has several features that make it the best metaverse crypto in 2022:

  • Auto staking – token owners must stake coins for a definite period to be able to receive interests.
  • Auto Liquidity – Adds liquidity to the pool to stabilize the token’s price.
  • Auto tax – Small amount of tax added to the transactions and later used for Autostaking, Autoliquidity, Foundation, and Future system development.
  • Antibot – Prevents bots from disrupting the price action of the token.
  • Antidump – This feature will suppress the selling pressure and maintain the floor price of the coins.

How to buy Battle Infinity (IBAT) in presale step-by-step guide 

The process is slightly different from buying other cryptocurrencies. Finally, the pre-sale is handled directly by the publisher, on the pre-sale platform specially created for this purpose . Experience has shown that with the following steps you have IBAT tokens in your wallet in less than 10 minutes .

1. Open the Battle Infinity pre-sale website 

First, the crypto investors visit the Battle Infinity pre-sale page . Here the crucial windows open            immediately.

2. Buy Binance Coin 

The IBAT Coin is designed as a BEP-20 token and runs on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that one must own Binance Coin in order to buy IBAT. If you have this in your wallet, you can proceed directly. On the other hand, one should first buy BNB – for example via the online broker eToro, which does not charge any commission and allows a crypto purchase in less than 10 minutes.

3. Connect wallet to Battle Infinity 

The next step is to connect the wallet to Battle Infinity. This is possible with the Metamask Wallet or the Walletconnect function. It is important that the corresponding wallets have been switched to the Binance Smart Chain.

4. Select the desired amount of IBAT and complete the purchase 

Now select the desired amount of IBAT. You can see directly how many Binance Coins are required. For example, if you want 250,000 IBAT tokens, you have to invest around 1.5 BNB. One last click on “Buy IBAT” and the purchase is complete.

Tamadoge is one of the best metaverse crypto projects that expect success in the upcoming time 

This is another dog meme-based project that has surged after the memecoin hype, trying to draw attention from Elon Musk.

The thing is, though, their project looks really solid and has a great backstory to it. The Tamadoge coin was created based on the concept of that Japanese virtual pet in the early 1990’s, Tamagotchi.

The Tamaverse, which is the metaverse version of the crypto, promises that you will be able to take your NFTs anywhere with you on the go, as well as being able to interact with them. This is definitely one of the best p2e projects of 2022.

Decentraland crypto is a popular metaverse crypto with limitless customizability. 

This is one of the oldest and most popular metaverse projects, first started in 2017. The native tokens of this metaverse game, MANA, is the second largest metaverse project by market cap.

In Decentraland, players can create their characters, chat with other users, purchase and sell land and real estate, in-game items, or explore the ever-growing world of this metaverse project.  All transactions on the platform must be conducted in MANA, and because of Decentraland’s popularity, this is also one of the best metaverse cryptos.

Starting at $0.025 after the launch the MANA coin reached the price of $5.90 in November 2021. Also, some of the transactions on the platform were worth over one million dollars, mostly real estate purchases.

ApeCoin is one of the most famous metaverse crypto projects 

ApeCoin is the latest project of Yuga Lab, creators of famous NFTs Bored Ape Yacht Club. These metaverse coins are created for their game Otherside, and owners of the token get exclusive access to the products of the Ape ecosystem.

The Otherside ecosystem includes five diverse regions and gives access to digital land divided into five tiers –  Biogenic Swamp, Chemical Goo, Rainbow Atmos, Cosmic Dream, and Infinite Expanse. Each part has different rare items and a mix of resources.

Before the launch of the Otherside, Yuga Labs raised $320 million in a virtual land sale, and the sale itself created so much traffic that it increased gas fees on the Ethereum network. This caused the sale decrease of the Ape coins and decreased the price of the token.

The current price of this metaverse coin is around $3, and despite many challenges that Yuga Labs faced after the launch, ApeCoin has a market cap of $1.9 billion, making it the metaverse coin with the largest market cap.

Sandbox is a metaverse crypto project with great potential 

This is one of the oldest metaverse projects and one of the most popular. Sandbox first showed up on the market in 2021, and although it started as a game, they later incorporated metaverse into their projects.

Similar to Decentraland, Sandbox also allows users to build, buy and sell in-game assets, and purchase virtual land and real estate. Also, users can sell estate on the open market.

Sandbox’s native token SAND was first released on public exchanges in mid-2020, with the initial price of $0.051 per token. However, this price went up to $8.44 in November 2021, marking a constant rise in the price during 2021. The current price of the token is around $1.43, with a market cap of $1.81 billion in July.

Highstreet is an interesting metaverse project incorporating virtual reality. 

Highstreet is a virtual reality shop where users can shop using the currency HIGH. In 2021, the project founders raised $5 million, and their market cap in July 2022 is over $20.79 million.

Among everything available for purchase on Highstreet, users can also buy NFTs and can play games. Also, their coin HIGH is now listed for purchase on Coinbase, one of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency transactions.

Many investors and experts think this is one of the best metaverse crypto projects that will be highly successful in the future since some Shopify stores already integrated the platform into their business.

Star Atlas is an exciting crypto metaverse project based on stunning graphics. 

This is a metaverse project based on games where users win their native token ATLAS if they win. The whole ecosystem of the game is placed in the future, the year 2620, and players conquer the land and collect resources.

In the game, the world is in a war between three factions: The MUD Territory governed by humankind, The ONI Region consortium of alien races, and The Ustur Sector controlled by sentient androids. These factions fight for resources, dominance, and territory, while players of the Star Atlas game can influence the outcome of the conflict.

This is the game where players win rewards, like in pretty much any other P2E game. But, in this case, ATLAS tokens won while playing Star Atlas can become gains. Additionally, this game is Solana-based, meaning the gas fees are lower than Ethereum-based games.

Axie Infinity is the best metaverse crypto in 2022 for P2E gaming 

The project, launched in 2020, is based on the breeding of digital animals that users can collect and raise. Once minted, digital animals can be represented as NFTs and sold on the open marketplace.

In other words, Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, hunt, and build for treasure. Players build teams of Axis where every Axie has different strengths and weaknesses. Also, they can mix and match parents and make their breeds of Axies. After they build teams, players can buy land, start their kingdom, farm rare resources, attack dungeons, and much more.

According to many experts, Axie Infinity is one of the best metaverse cryptos in 2022. After the launch in 2020, the price of one AXS, the native token of this game, was $0.15 per token. In November 2021, the cost of this token was around $165, which means that AXS recorded a growth of almost 110.000%!

8 Best Metaverse Crypto to Explode in 2022 – Wrapping up  

Which of these 8 Best Metaverse Crypto to Explode in 2022 you will choose depends on your preferences and the level of risk you are willing to take.

Some of the metaverse crypto on this list, like Battle Infinity, for example, are about to launch, but they are already making lots of noise in the crypto world, foreshadowing the huge success.

This is one of the main reasons we suggest you invest money in a pre-sale of IBAT, Battle Infinity native token.

The terrific and innovative concept, with 6 different elements integrated into one ecosystem, sounds promising and something you should test.

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