Bitcoin (BTC) is often the first cryptocurrency that springs to mind when most people consider investing in cryptocurrencies. Many individuals who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies sometimes mistakenly believe that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency available, despite the fact that there are a variety of alternative possibilities.

The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, gave birth to a new, decentralized financial system that will fundamentally alter society. Because of its extreme popularity, limited availability, and demand from institutional investors, it is the most costly crypto token available.

Although early Bitcoin investors made millions, the cryptocurrency asset may no longer be the most lucrative ones accessible today. The fantastic gains early investors received can’t be replicated by investing in Bitcoin now.

The world’s first cryptocurrency has long since outgrown its dazzling boom phase. Currently, one Bitcoin is worth $22,714.80. In comparison to its all-time high of US$64,000 in November 2021, it has decreased by almost 2/3. If Bitcoin rises to its greatest levels, buying it now might result in significant profits.

Top 5 Metaverse crypto to Invest in 2022

However, today there are much more crypto projects that are far from being just a purpose for themselves. With the emergence of the metaverse, cryptocurrencies became something else. They became the currency of that metaverse, they exist and develop with their metaverse. If we see the metaverse as a country, the currency of a country is worth as much as the country is successful in different aspects of social life. The same goes for crypto, it will be worth more and will develop as the people find a metaverse useful. Following the most successful projects, here is the best metaverse crypto to buy in 2022.

  1. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Overall Best Metaverse Crypto To Invest In 2022,
  2. Decentraland (MANA) – Metaverse With The Most Expensive Plot,
  3. SANDBOX (SAND) – One Of The First To Cross To The Metaverse,
  4. AXIE INFINITY (AXS) – Virtual Pets Metaverse,
  5. Wilder World (WILD) – Metaverse Art Gallery.

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a comprehensive gaming platform with many P2E games that are surrounded by a metaverse environment called The Battle Arena. Besides playing games, gamers can also enjoy the metaverse and interact with the platform and other gamers. The main idea behind the project is to revolutionize the gaming industry by making it completely decentralized.

For now, Battle Infinity includes 6 products that complete the ecosystem.

  • IBAT Premier League is the first decentralized blockchain-based NFT-based fantasy sports game.
  • IBAT Battle Swap functions as a decentralized exchange and a bank.
  • IBAT Battle Market is a portal where you can buy and sell assets and characters.
  • IBAT Battle Games is a multiplayer gaming hub where users can access a variety of P2E NFT games.
  • IBAT Battle Arena is a platform where each player will have a distinct avatar that they can customize with items from the battle market.
  • The Battle Stake is a staking platform that allows you to compete with others for larger annual percentage yields.

Behind the Battle Infinity ecosystem is a $IBAT token (BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain), which integrates both the game platform and the blockchain by removing any barriers between them, making the ecosystem more synergized.

The presale $IBAT price is about $0.0015 since early participants purchase IBAT tokens using Binance Coin (BNB) at a rate of 1 BNB = 166,666.66 IBAT or 0.000006 BNB = 1 IBAT.

The presale started on July 11th. Pre-sale investors will get 28% of the entire supply of IBAT, with no lockup or vesting requirements following the debut on October 10th. For the first two weeks, of its presales, Battle Infinity raised around $1 million. At the current pace, it is expected to reach the hard cap by the end of September.

Users don’t need to worry about “rug pull” because $IBAT passed the Coinsniper KYC control. Finally, India is where the project’s headquarters are located. This place offers a lot of benefits. India is one of the finest countries for software engineers. In other words, no country is more suited to the introduction of a fantasy sports game than India.

How to buy Battle Infinity (IBAT) in presale step-by-step guide

The process is slightly different from buying other cryptocurrencies. Finally, the pre-sale is handled directly by the publisher, on the pre-sale platform specially created for this purpose . Experience has shown that with the following steps you have IBAT tokens in your wallet in less than 10 minutes .

1. Open the Battle Infinity pre-sale website
First, the crypto investors visit the Battle Infinity pre-sale page. Here the crucial windows open immediately.
2. Buy Binance Coin

The IBAT Coin is designed as a BEP-20 token and runs on the Binance Smart Chain. This means that one must own Binance Coin in order to buy IBAT. If you have this in your wallet, you can proceed directly. On the other hand, one should first buy BNB – for example via the online broker eToro, which does not charge any commission and allows a crypto purchase in less than 10 minutes. 

3. Connect wallet to Battle Infinity

The next step is to connect the wallet to Battle Infinity. This is possible with the Metamask Wallet or the Walletconnect function. It is important that the corresponding wallets have been switched to the Binance Smart Chain.

4. Select the desired amount of IBAT and complete the purchase

Now select the desired amount of IBAT. You can see directly how many Binance Coins are required. For example, if you want 250,000 IBAT tokens, you have to invest around 1.5 BNB. One last click on “Buy IBAT” and the purchase is complete.

2. Decentraland (MANA)

The Ethereum blockchain powers the virtual reality platform Decentraland. This virtual world or Metaverse was established to enable its users to create, experience, and make money from the apps they develop.

Similar to what is available on The Sandbox, it is possible to purchase land on which you can develop a variety of items that will enable you to build games or game assets and even monetize them.

Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano are the minds behind the Decentraland initiative. The team behind this project began working on it in 2017 after raising more than 26 million dollars via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

The Decentraland metaverse didn’t debut until the Beta version in 2019, and it wasn’t made publicly accessible until February 2020.

MANA, one of the best metaverse crypto, is the virtual money used in Decentraland Metaverse. Thanks to MANA you will be able to interact with the metaverse. On the official Decentraland marketplace, for instance, you can use your MANA tokens to pay fees, purchase goods, real estate, and many other things.

The MANA token, which serves as the foundation of Decentraland, may only be issued in a total of 2.8 billion units. All currencies associated with metaverse ideas saw a sharp increase when Facebook announced in October 2021 that it was changing its name to Metaverse. One of these currencies is MANA, the cryptocurrency of Decentraland. At the time of the announcement, one MANA token was worth around $0.972, with a prediction for the price to go up to $1.48 in 2023 and $2.44 by the end of 2025.

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The Sandbox (SAND) is a game that Pixowl, a firm started by two Frenchmen, Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget, first created for smartphones in 2011.

The game achieves genuine success. The Sandbox is a mobile game that was developed to compete with Minecraft and has more than 40 million downloads globally. More than 70 million worlds have been generated in The Sandbox and its follow-up, The Sandbox Evolution, since they were first launched 6 years ago on June 23, 2016.

The Sandbox was purchased by the Hong Kong-based video game production studio Animoca Brands in 2018. The Sandbox platform was created by Animoca Brands and has Voxel-style visuals that are reminiscent of other well-known games like Roblox or Minecraft. The Sandbox protocol’s users can develop a full world and its economy inside it since it is built on the blockchain, pushing the game to a level never before experienced.

Play-to-Earn game The Sandbox is much more than just that. Above all, it is a virtual environment, one of the most sophisticated metaverses to date, where users may create, own, and commercialize virtual goods and game services using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Snoop Dogg, Atari, Ubisoft, Warner Music Group, Binance, and Deadmau5 are just a few of the celebrities, companies, and musicians that have collaborated on the project.

The SAND, one of the best crypto for 2022, which is used to purchase various digital goods connected to this metaverse, serves as the primary token of The Sandbox’s metaverse.

There will be a 3 billion SAND supply overall. There are roughly 1.2 billion SAND tokens in circulation as of this writing.

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Axie Infinity is a game built using blockchain technology and the P2E business model. Sky Mavis studio began working on the project in 2018. But it wasn’t until later that Axie Infinity became viral and grabbed international attention.

The popularity of Pokémon, as well as Tamagotchi, served as inspiration for the game. Players may indeed gather, train, develop, battle, or even buy and sell “Axies” animals.

Each Axie is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with unique qualities, advantages, etc. With Axie Infinity Shards ($AXS) players have the chance to take part in the project’s governance and development to involve the community.

Given that the game runs on the Ethereum network, Axie Infinity Shard is an ERC-20 type coin. There will only be 270 million Axie Infinity Shards in existence overall. The circulating supply has not yet reached its full value since it will be issued gradually. This will occur in 2026, according to official documentation given by the project.

AXS is trading at $17.31 at the time of writing, with a 24-hour trading volume of $355,159,248. In the last 24 hours, AXS’s price has raised by 2.28 percent. Axie Infinity will hit $163 by the end of 2022 if this trend continues. In 2023 AXS could cost as much as $220.

5. Wilder World (WILD)

A platform called Wilder World combines the features of cryptocurrencies and NFTs to provide users access to a brand-new, practical world. It is a new, very realistic NFT and Metaverse marketplace that is administered by its artist guild. Simply told, Wilder World is a large, fascinating, and opulent art gallery that operates as an NFT and sells every item of art.

With a Metaverse governed by all “Wilders of the World,” you can tap into incredible creativity and authenticity while giving people the flexibility to create whatever they wish. The photorealistic 5D metaverse used by Wilder World accepts payments in the form of (WILD) tokens. The token serves as a governance utility in addition to powering the platform’s cryptocurrency and NFT markets. The initiative also works with well-known digital designers in the cryptocurrency industry and blends fashion, art, photography, and technology in its operations.

The native token of Wilder World, WILD, also acts as the Wilder DAO’s governance token. These tokens will be used as voting mechanisms for Wilder stakeholders and to promote the creation of totally virtual persons, places, and things as well as new protocols and services inside the Wilder Metaverse.

The circulating supply of Wilder World (WILD) tokens is 85,233,300 and the maximum supply is 500,000,000. Wilder World is currently trading at $0.37 and has a market value of $32,080,729, placing it at position 492 on the list of the top 100 most valuable currencies.

How to choose the right metaverse crypto to invest in 2022?

Invest for the long term – The first step to finding a promising cryptocurrency is to decide to invest for the long term.

Recognize the right time to invest – To make your investment in metaverse crypto profitable, you must be careful and refrain from making risky choices.

Learn how to analyze graphs – If you want to find promising metaverse crypto, you should not neglect this step.

Choose metaverse crypto related to innovative ideas.

Opt for a solid project – It should be functional, it has customers and profit and it should have healthy competition.


Bitcoin indeed initialized this revolution called metaverse. Without it, blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web3 wouldn’t exist. But, should you invest in Bitcoin? Bitcoin is successful and less volatile than the other emerging cryptocurrency projects, but besides the name, it has nothing else to offer.

Today, there are much more interesting metaverse projects with their native cryptocurrency. Metaverse projects are always created with a specific purpose, whether it is a metaverse video game like Battle Infinity or it is a metaverse art gallery like Wilder World.

The cryptocurrency develops along the metaverse. This is because, for example, with $IBAT you can interact, buy and sell in IBAT Marketplace, from buying digital assets to real-life merchandise.

We recommend always keeping in mind that you should only invest or diversify your holdings in the metaverse with funds you are prepared to lose.