Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and the more established cryptos have gained the most market exposure. However, with the current market downturn, upcoming coins have begun to garner tremendous investor interest due to the opportunities they offer for profitability.

One new cryptocurrency that is especially interesting to many investors is TAMA. What is TAMA, and why should more investors be excited about it?

Tamadoge – Blockchain Gaming Meets Meme Tokens

TAMA is the utility token for Tamadoge, an exciting blockchain gaming platform.

Tamadoge connects the functionality of blockchain gaming to the potential for meme coins to offer sporadic gains. The gaming platform transports players to a virtual environment where they are able to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing digital pets.

The objective of Tamadoge players is to groom their digital pets and grow them, then use these pets to battle other players. Once a player’s pet wins a battle, they earn rewards in the form of TAMA. The crypto asset is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, so investors can stake the coin in the Tamadoge platform and earn additional tokens and the opportunity to vote on network upgrades.

Tamadoge is also working towards launching the Tamaverse – a metaverse iteration where players can mint and create their own digital pet NFTs.

A Rocking Presale

Tamadoge was launched this year, and its token presale, TAMA, began in July.

TAMA’s presale was a massive success, with the asset raking in $19 million in just eight weeks. This was a much bigger haul than several established coins – including Ethereum (ETH), which raised $17 million in its presale in 2014.

With one of the best crypto presales under its belt, TAMA now appears to be the hottest new cryptocurrency in the market. The asset was listed on the OKX exchange earlier this week and pumped from $0.03 to $0.05 in the first few hours.

In addition, TAMA’s 24-hour trading volume has surpassed $3 million. With the asset booking such impressive numbers during a bear market, the sky is truly the limit for TAMA.

Looking Ahead

Despite the market’s slump, TAMA has had a very impressive debut. However, its developers have shown that they are not looking to rest on their laurels.

According to Tamadoge’s roadmap, they will be set for a full launch before the end of the year. Additional milestones will include the launch of its trading leaderboards and NFT pet store, giveaways, and additional marketing initiatives.

As for 2023, more centralized exchanges will have TAMA listed, and there will be partnerships with other metaverses. All of these point to an increased potential for the profitability of TAMA.

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