JERITEX is pleased to co-sponsor Blockchain Expo Ho Chi Minh 2022, a huge-scale Blockchain event on the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam-Korea diplomatic relationship in Vietnam.

The senior leadership representative of JERITEX was present and received the Cooperation Medal with major international partners and met with many famous KOL teams in Vietnam to share and promote for the JERITEX. It is expected to be a major turning point in the development path of JERITEX in Vietnam and international markets.

Important activities taking place throughout the event:

– 60 technology exhibition booths

– Web3 Affiliate

– Korea – Vietnam FDI promotion conference

– Vietnam – Korea trade – investment – technology cooperation forum

– Blockchain Expo

– Gala Dinner

In addition, the event also opened opportunities for networking and exchanges between JERITEX and investors, as well as valuable sharing about Web3 and the development trend of the Blockchain world.

At the event, some typical topics were discussed between Founders and Speakers. Challenges & opportunities of Vietnamese Startups in Blockchain field in legal issues, socio-economic context of Vietnam; Application of Blockchain in Vietnam’s socio-economic practice; The dilemmas in the problem of human resource allocation for the Blockchain industry; New perspectives on the difference between traditional technology products and Blockchain products; Sharing experiences on the journey of starting and developing breakthroughs of Vietnamese & Korean Blockchain projects; The Winter of the digital market and survival solutions.

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