JERITEX is proud to be the official Copper Sponsor at Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 – the largest Blockchain event ever held in Vietnam – has officially opened on Oct 19, 2022 organized by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) in collaboration with Vietnam Blockchain Association under the auspices of the Government Cipher Committee.

Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 attracted more than 1,000 delegates, with more than 50 speakers, including nearly 150 international delegates from over 30 countries in blockchain technology in the region and in the world such as: UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan – China, USA, Korea, etc. Besides, the conference also had the presence of leading names in the world to Vietnam such as: FTX, OKChain, DFG, BNBChain, NEAR, FioProtocol, JERITEX and big enterprises such as FPT, Kyber Network, Sky Mavis, Kardiachain, LaunchZone… to share experiences, orientations and values on the development of Blockchain platforms for industries: finance, agriculture, environmental resources, education and training.

One of the emerging trends in sports technology at the event is combining Blockchain and Sport with featured topics on NFT Collectibles, Fan Tokens, GameFi and Metaverse. With the aim of building a community where everyone can pursue their passion in sports and entertainment, JERTIEX NFT Metaverse Marketplace brought to the event the WC22 Mystery Ball NFTs collection & the hot Airdrop Campaign with Metaverz Sport and Entertainment. “With what has happened in Vietnam in recent years, it can be seen that Vietnam is changing drastically based on digital technology. It can be affirmed that Vietnam is a great place for digital technology. New technologies like Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain will play a very important role in the development of JERITEX and the world.” said Johnson Qiu, CEO of JERITEX.

JERITEX is a potential new global digital asset trading platform that will combine CEX and DEX with the purpose of bringing to trader good exchange, great service, cheap trading fee, fast and safety. JERITEX is concentrating on developing apps, a new blockchain platform, smart contract 2.0 and Metaverse NFT Marketplace. JERITEX currently has over 500,000 registered users and has been growing to become the best community with many investors and traders which promote the new tokens and coins. JERITEX already published our application in NFT payment gateway via E-commerce built tokens based on BSC platform and having many partners built the same platform on Game NFT, Metaverse NFT, DEX, E-learning.

The event gave participants an insight into Vietnam’s blockchain industry as well as policies domestic and foreign firms need to follow while developing business models applying blockchain technology in the country. Speakers are expected to share approaches to blockchain technology of leading technology companies, new solutions, and stories of integrating blockchain into products to bring new value to users.


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