Real estate can forever be revolutionized, thanks to decentralized technologies. As METALAND grows – so does digital real estate.

Since 2020, millions of people have also worked, played and socialized in METALAND as an online second world. The idea of ​​a virtual metaverse in METALAND where people interact is not a new one.

Currently, METALAND is arguably the most popular modern metaverse, encouraging a global network of users to buy and sell digital real estate, explore, interact, and play games. The METALAND Fund was born in 2020, and the project’s initial token offering (IEO) in 2022 has raised around $21 million to date. While METALAND is expanding and has a lot to do, the platform has attracted a lot of attention to the lucrative and ever-growing digital real estate industry.

Metaverse monetization is shaking up the real estate industry. It is increasingly clear that commercial real estate in the metaverse in METALAND will play an important role in the global real estate industry in the coming years. In the fall of 2020, METALAND raised a 50% stake in the digital real estate portfolio owned by Seas Young Corporation, which plans to market services for digital real estate and list public in 2022.

The popularity of buying and selling digital properties in METALAND is, in large part, on the same type of tasks associated with buying, selling and marketing as a traditional real estate company. As prices rise and buyers seem crazy about virtual land while some will be cautious about investing in digital real estate.

However, despite the high prices, interest in super-reverse real estate in METALAND continues to grow, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has pushed more people online and made them more inclined to merge with the rest of the world. society. The diverse real estate interests in METALAND also have competition, namely celebrities who have not been shy about promoting their digital real estate activity in METALAND.

Mark Zuckerberg may claim the Metaverse is the future – but in METALAND’s eyes, the future has already begun.