Singapore, April 07, 2022 (NEWSCALL) — Even with the booming popularity of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens and Play-to-Earn projects, there is yet a project that can offer both. This leaves the possibility of creating a unique, yet stable project that can make investors earn and have fun.
Petoverse is a virtual reality MMORPG universe within the MetaVerse world that aims to integrate the newest interests of investors all over the globe. The goal is to provide a safe, fun space for people who want to venture into the world formed by the union of cryptocurrency and games.

It covers all the layers of cryptocurrency society. From the average crypto-investor to the avid gamer, we have everything for everyone’s wants and needs.

The developers came up with the Petoverse Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol (PAP). It will serve as a passive source of income for the holders of $PETO. This financial protocol allows an easier and more efficient staking transaction and grants $PETO holders the highest stable returns in the cryptocurrency space.

The project also has NFTs which can be used in-game but also serves as a way of earning too. For instance, the NFTs can be sold in the Marketplace for a reasonable price.

There are three interesting things that are unique in the Petoverse Metaverse Game. The first is the Multiplayer Zone, which allows players to interact with one another. The second one is the Adventure P2E, where the player will be able to fight the enemies, run with their guildmates, and earn coins. Last, is the Petoverse Plaza, a place filled with all kinds of activities. The Petoverse Metaverse is truly packed with excitement and non-stop action.

This project is a melting pot of awesome and successful gaming projects from Sandbox to Axle Infinity. Its uniqueness will stand out from the gaming industry with sustainable, yet unique earning functions.

Petoverse is proven legit as it is KYC verified with RugDoc and audited with several platforms. Through them, investors can rest assured that the team has gone through multiple processes to provide real assurance. With the upcoming Petoverse fair launch presale on PinkSale, the team is gearing up for a huge launch.

Followed up with a massive marketing campaign! The legitimacy and future of the project are guaranteed, aiming to garner support from not only the community but also respectable gamers within the space.

Here are the features the project has to offer:

  • Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol

Petoverse Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol (PAP) will serve as a passive source of income for the holders of $PETO. This financial protocol allows an easier and more efficient staking transaction and grants $PETO holders the highest stable returns in the cryptocurrency space.

PAP gives the $PETO token automatic staking and compounding features with the highest Fixed APY in the market at 3,837,305.70% for the first 12 months. Our PAP protocol grants exceptional benefits for holders of $PETO, including:

  • Easy and Safe Staking
  • Low Risk with the Petoverse Insurance Fund (PIF)
  • Interest Yield with Automatic Payments
  • Rapid Interest Payments
  • Highest Fixed APY
  • Auto Token Burn
  • Petoverse Plaza
    The Petoverse Plaza will be the hub of the Metaverse world where the player’s avatars are extensions of the player’s minds and bodies. This will be the heart of the game as players can create guilds, form communities, create income, craft clothes, and mint or sell their items.

The Five Important Places in the Petoverse Plaza:

1. Marketplace.
2. House Of Fortune (HOF)
3. Guild Hall
4. Fashion Mall
5. Peto-Forge

The Petoverse Plaza will also have another awesome feature called Peto-Ads. Peto-Ads is a way for Players to run ads in the Petoverse Plaza. This allows the players to garner attention for products they want to sell.

Petoverse NFT
Considering the expansion of NFTs within the cryptocurrency space, Petoverse also integrates this into the project.

Petoverse will also have a variety of NFTs in our NFT Marketplace. The player can mix and match the NFT by putting their own flair into the costume. The NFTs in Petoverse will also be a source of income for them. They can buy and sell their NFT at reasonable prices.

Our Roadmap Plan Ahead:

Phase 1: At this stage, we will be building our foundational block. This will also be the phase wherein the presale and launch will occur.
Phase 2: The alpha release of the Petoverse Game will be available at this stage. The listings, accompanied by marketing, will also happen within this phase.
Phase 3: The Petoverse Game will experience changes as more features and functions will be added during this stage.
Phase 4: In this phase, the Metaverse will be added, expanding the project into a newer domain.