The Corona disaster was sure a huge turnover for the world. There was an enormous loss witnessed in every sector. To overcome the peril many companies had to adopt the digital measure, which became the only survival guide for these sectors. It became the only means of communication amongst people. Saying that the IT industries had to come up with a strategy to overthrow the drawbacks of calamity to help others sectors climb up from the pit of dilemma.

At this point, the world has never witnessed the neediness for technological innovation. Companies are Completely depending on the IT sector to help them overcome the situation by developing and designing more and more apps that have the tendency to improve operational performance and customer experience.

2020 witnessed the miraculous development of innovative ideas and concepts and as of now in 2021, the demand for these innovations is still in large demand. Here are some development trends that are Helping the organization to become more competitive.

  • AI / Artificial Intelligence

On today’s date, who hasn’t heard about AI? It is the hottest innovative breakthrough the world has ever seen. The invention of this particular idea is overwhelmingly transformative. Many web development platforms have applied artificial intelligence in certain areas to improve the speed and ease of development of an app or webpage. The use of AI enables them to work faster than before and is error-free. Fusing AI in the development process helps out developers cross-check code so they don’t get stuck during the developing phase. It provides the developer with Just in time help, Orientation, and knowledge in the platform so, there isn’t any pause during the production. To put it out in simple words, it works like a teacher to the developer. Keeping an eye over his progress as well as advising with plausible advice whenever the developer gets stuck in an irreversible situation.

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  • RPA / Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a software technology that is gaining popularity in the business sector. It makes it easier to build, deploy, and software automation that Can imitate human action. Such as understanding what’s on the screen, navigate through the system and identify and extract useful information. It can be done by humans too but these are mundane tasks that take up a lot of time. While it can perform the task at a faster pace and more consistently than humans. A human being gets bored by repeating the same task over and over, resulting in unproductive results. A robot doesn’t object to the task they have been given, because it is the only thing they have been programmed to execute.

  • PWA / Progressive Web Apps

PWA are extremely popular nowadays. It highlights the benefits of both websites and mobile apps by giving the user a streamlined experience without using a separate application. The user experience is the same as an inbuilt application on mobile and desktop without the hassle of downloading extra files or updating blunders. These apps are developed by applying JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. One can operate this app on any platform that uses a web browser. This app can also function without any internet connectivity and they are unbelievably light, a single progressive web app is about the size of 1 megabit.

  • CI/CD: Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery

Continuous integration and continuous delivery is a process during the development of software. While CI ensures changes in codings by several Engineers are integrated into a single nexus point that is the software Project, CD promotes all the changes that have been made as well as bug fixtures, with ease and efficiency. In this way, the IT team can speed up the process of developing the software. This enables the development companies to complete the project quickly as well as Saving both time and money. It is one of the remarkable enterprise software trends that is gaining insignificant popularity in today’s date.

  • Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is A method that enables IT companies to come up with a Prototype of software in the process of the planning phase of a project. By doing so, it helps the companies to detect flaws, drawbacks, defects, and weaknesses of a product. It helps to minimize the cost that is involved in the development of the product.

The very purpose of rapid prototyping is to transform ideas into a stretchable prototype of a product that is given to customers to test the user experience. It helps in the process of development by drawing out the errors in the development phase as well as quickly acting on them to improve.

It is a useful software trend adopted by several IT companies to render The development of an error-free project.

  • Digital transformation enablers

A digital transformation enabler allows one to synchronize, Integrate, visualize as well as analyze Data to finally comprehend all the information into a single point of the database. It can be used to develop new value-added services as well as update old traditional software and applications.

It is the process where the platform converts traditional analog into digital. With digital transformation, new ideas will bloom, but it is necessary to have the Mechanism to transform them into concluding benefits.

There’s immense pressure from the organization to digitize everything. So, the speed of implementation is critical. To keep up with the rising demands Companies need to come up with effective tools to commence a faster innovation cycle and enable a higher level of organizational Flexibility.

  • Low code Development

Low code development is becoming preferable by many IT Industries. It is another rising software development trend that has successfully secured its place in the continuously evolving software trends. A low code development platform enables the developer to develop software through a visual interface wherein in the past most of the application software was developed by using traditional hand-coded computer programming. It only needs codings in certain situations where it becomes necessary. It helps the developer to write application software faster than before. As it needs only a few codings to be embedded.

  • Future proof applications

New applications have been delivered on a daily basis nowadays, however for the existing application companies have trouble rewriting the codings and re-molding the interface, because it is time-consuming as well as it needs a lot of resources. This means new applications getting ahead in the competition, which isn’t good for business too. To come up with this dilemma companies are investing in platforms and tools which can help them stay on their spot even if the technology changes rapidly. This is what future-proof applications mean.

However, it isn’t possible that an application will Stay never requiring updates to stay up to date. That’s why along with the tools and platform the companies have to follow severe principles and strategies so that the application will last longer without getting an update.

  • Conclusion

A trend is the popularity of a particular thing during a certain point in time. It can change overnight, however, amassing all the facts and information we can say with certainty that these software development trends will last for a long time, but it is an unavoidable fact that the emergence of new trends is highly possible. With technology changing rapidly it is undeniable that whatever trends come forth it will be beneficial for human beings.