The cryptocurrency market has been growing at a rapid pace in the last few years. Statistically speaking, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies increased from $450 billion to $3 trillion in the span of just one year.

This growth results from leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as alternatives to regular currencies, such as the US dollar or the euro. These digital assets are all decentralized currencies, meaning they do not belong to any one country or government, which in today’s turbulent global macro environment has made the masses take a special interest in them.

That said, these major crypto assets are not the only point of interest in crypto anymore. After all, the rapid growth of the crypto sector was actually primarily due to the increase in interest and investments in stablecoins, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and the metaverse. These new inventions in the sector are actually helping take crypto mainstream.

Backing from incubating firms like TDeFi contributes to these new projects and innovations to take root and provide better and more secure solutions to the masses.

The incubation firms in the crypto sector are all about creating companies focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They provide their services to startups in the blockchain industry, ranging from providing early-stage financing, connecting with investors, developing products, helping with tokenomics, and reaching a large audience.

Some of these incubators also provide other resources to get started, including more general support such as marketing, legal advice, or public relations services.

There are many incubators in this space that provide a platform for new and promising projects to grow and flourish. For instance, TDeFi is one such crypto incubator and advisor helping these projects get started and the crypto sector prosper.

A Diverse Portfolio

After hosting a hugely successful Blockchain Business Hackathon at Gitex Dubai 2021, TDeFi again returned to this year’s edition of the conference, which took place between 10 October to 14 October, but this time as a participant. As such, the incubator exhibited its impressive portfolio and showed off its latest projects during the Middle East’s leading event.

As for what does TDeFi offers to the projects it incubates, it has a large group of cryptocurrency veterans ready to mentor and advise developers to support the development of blockchain-based technologies and new coins by providing investors with funding, mentorship, and connections.

Moreover, its track record speaks for itself, as it has been helping crypto projects from different sectors, including NFTs, play-to-earn games, metaverse, healthcare, supply chain, finance, infrastructure, and much more.

Speaking of the projects TDeFi has mentored, it includes NFT gaming studio Vulcan Forged, decentralized cross-chain interoperability protocol Bridge Network, educational metaverse Edverse, F2P2E Goons of Balatroon, metaverse game Myth, community-owned ecosystem Faith Tribe, perpetual DEX PalmSwap, crowdfunding platform MetAmazonia, electronic healthcare record (EHR) solution DocPlix, crypto influencer marketing platform Fluensure, Turkish crypto exchange Bitay, cross-chain yield aggregator Uno.Farm, NFT data aggregator Metamarket, DeFi mutual fund Sheesha Fund, India’s leading social media app Chingari, multi-chain relayer protocol Biconomi, blockchain-powered supply chain solution Vault Network, and staking platform Vanilla Network.

Working with Entertainment Platform FrequenC

One of the special projects that TDeFi is currently mentoring as a crypto and tokenomics advisor is the decentralized entertainment platform FrequenC.

So, what is FrequenC all about? It is the first and only multi-dimensional entertainment platform that aims to enhance real-life experiences through technology instead of replacing one with the other. The focus here is on promoting connectivity and interaction among participants while taking them on an unparalleled entertainment journey and rewarding them for doing so through its native FrequenC token. The project currently has pre-sale signups for its token.

If you are wondering why TDeFi is mentoring FrequenC on tokenomics, it is critical to a project’s success as it covers all the elements that make a cryptocurrency valuable and exciting to investors. The terms include things like the token’s supply, how it’s issued, its utility, and much more.

Besides, as a decentralized entertainment platform that aims to disrupt the entertainment industry by providing an ecosystem where creators can share content without any restrictions or intermediaries and be paid for it, FrequenC needs robust tokenomics to attract investment and be successful.

What is FrequenC Currently Working on?

FrequenC is currently working on an MVP of its streaming platform that will seamlessly connect to the real and virtual worlds, offering features like ticketing and basic interaction tools. It also has a social media component where users can interact with each other and earn tokens based on their engagement with content.

The social layer will offer limitless interaction between users, matchmaking services, and exclusive communities and clubs. Users are also rewarded for all sorts of activities, such as attending events, burning calories during such events, providing feedback, and standing out from the crowd. The project will use a ranking system based on milestones and achievements.

An All-encompassing Support

Known for its excellent support and post-launch consulting services, what sets TDeFi apart from other accelerators is that its support goes beyond execution. They work as long-term patterns of the project, supporting the incubators’ projects even after their launches and exchange listings, ensuring solid performance on the market.

As we explained in the beginning, TDeFi primarily offers startups mentorship, industry connections, funding opportunities, and market consulting for emerging startups. This way, TDeFi provides frictionless access to many resources such as world-class mentors, industry connections, networks of experts on tech, marketing, community building, exchange listings, liquidity provision, and growth-hacking partnerships.

Interestingly, developers, too, benefit from TDeFi’s extensive network of merchant finance companies and institutional and retail investors eager to invest in project tokens. In addition to helping design tokenomics and scaling plans, TDeFI provides access to an extensive network of trading firms, traders, and liquidity providers, ensuring that projects are viable from the start.

Simply put, TDeFi’s incubation programs are designed to target projects looking not only to survive but thrive in the years ahead, disrupting the status quo of their respective fields. With an emphasis on compliance, TDeFi is also among the incubators on the front lines helping startups navigate the increasing regulatory concerns arising from the rise in the blockchain space.

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