NFT Metaverse game is a virtual reality platform that allows you to explore domains and socialize with other users in a virtual world. As a result, Metaverse projects have snatched the spotlight of the crypto stage.

In the digital world, the term “metaverse” “NFT” has recently earned a lot of traction. With several major tech companies, like Facebook and Epic Games, focusing on a futuristic environment, the word is piquing online consumers’ interest.

And Tiger Pro (TPT) is a promising and promising NFT Metaverse game in this trend. Tiger Pro (TPT) project are dedicated to making the metaverse a permanent part of our life.

Together with the Tiger Pro TPT launching on JERITEX, Tiger Pro has chosen JERITEX as the best strategic partner for the development of the Tiger Pro TPT token in future.

Through this, here are the main points of Tiger Pro TPT project that have the potential to surge this year.

Tiger Pro is a virtual pet non-fungible token (NFT – METAVERSE) game on Binance Smart Chain that combines elements of a casual RPG. Eggs, people, items, and land can all be collected and traded by players.

The gameplay centers around gathering, breeding, and evolving creatures, each with its own personality. The game takes place in “Planet Earth with fascinating creatures and things for everyone to embark on an adventure and find the magic behind the mystic curtain.”


Everyone can try out a completely free version of the game. A fusion game that is both amusing and appropriate for all ages.

Having NFT – METAVERSE marketplaces: for storing, displaying, and trading NFTs – METAVERSE assets.

The Tiger Pro app allows you to play for free: simple fun levels guided by the TigerPromethean. You may also help to upgrade your TigerPro by gathering rare items while exploring the maps in PVE mode. In addition, you can compete in PVP with your friends to see where they rank in the world. Using the shop feature, you can purchase rare items and boosters. Alternatively, you can go to your partner’s NFT – METAVERSE Marketplace and trade your owned assets with anyone on the world.


Blockchain is used in the game for collecting all items, eggs, and monsters. Players must top up in order to begin and gather more rare items, which are required for the creation of new monsters.

Collect and trade eggs, characters, items, and land in FUSION. Broaden your collection to get more rare items. Alternatively, you can trade more stuff on the marketplace.

PVE: In PVE mode, defeat the enemies to obtain rare items.

PVP: Become a renowned leader by participating in intense PVP matches! Participate to win valuable prizes.


To gain rewards, you can lock tokens into Tiger Pro partner platform’s decentralized protocols.


TIGERPRO token for governance

TIGERPRO for the NFT METAVERSE marketplace

In conclusion, Tiger Pro prioritizes gameplay in order to provide the best NFT – METAVERSE game experience ever. As a result, blockchain performance is critical for Tiger Pro to scale to millions of players.

Tiger Pro was also created as an entertaining and instructive approach to introduce blockchain technology to the world. Together with JERITEX, Tiger Pro Team began working on Tiger Pro in order to bring the miracles of Blockchain technology to billions of players all over the world.