A virtual avatar of Snoop Dogg performs in the new video for his song,
A virtual avatar of Snoop Dogg performs in the new video for his song, "House I Built." Death Row Records

Snoop Dogg’s latest music video is a detailed love letter to the emerging world of Web3 technology, which includes cryptocurrency, NFTs, and virtual worlds dubbed “metaverses.”

The music icon and entrepreneur starts the video for “House I Built,” from his latest album, with a phone call to a man he refers to as Nick. He’s got a question about the value of his stake in a particular cryptocurrency.

“Yo Nick, how much is my sandbox worth right now?” Snoop says. “Your token? Your sandbox token?” Nick says in response. “4.8 [million dollars].”

Snoop then asks how much the token started out at. “$300,000,” Nick says.
“So it’s at $4.8 million?” Snoop asks, rhetorically. “Cash.” he says.

And that’s just the intro to three minutes of digital Snoop appearing on stage, or floating in an empty space sitting on a throne surrounded by floating blunts, or any number of scenarios pulled from his forthcoming metaverse project: The “Snoopverse.”

The video for "House I Built" is largely an advertisement for Snoop's metaverse project, the "Snoopverse." Death Row Records
The video for “House I Built” is largely an advertisement for Snoop’s metaverse project, the “Snoopverse.” Death Row Records

In the Snoopverse, paid participants are promised the ability to explore a virtual version of Snoop’s real life mansion and attend virtual concerts.

You can get early access right now, but it’s not cheap: An “Early Access Pass” costs just shy of $2,000 based on current crypto exchange rates.
Snoop Dogg isn’t new to the world of Web3: He previously released NFTs of his own, and has claimed to be a notorious NFT kingpin named Cozomo Medici. After purchasing the rights to his former label, Death Row Records, he relaunched the company with a focus on Web3 concepts.

“We will be putting out artists through the metaverse,” he said earlier this year. “Just like we broke the industry when we was the first independent to be major, I want to be the first major in the metaverse.”

If nothing else, Snoop’s new video offers people a chance to see what the exclusive Snoopverse looks like without having to pay thousands of dollars.

Check out the full video for “House I Built” right here: