On the afternoon of 12 June 2022, Weifeng Technology Corporation announced $2 million investment in Malaysia’s billion-dollar game startup Sunflower Blossom Metaverse, officially expanding into the Metaverse market to promote its global market development strategy.

The $2 million infusion of fund will be used to help build virtual spaces designed to give users a place in the metaverse where they can travel, socialize and be entertained.

Sunflower Blossom Metaverse, best known at the moment for its series of virtual tour games combined with a tour service on the user’s demand and has received previous multi-million-dollar investment from Sony Corporation and KIRKBI, Lego’s parent company.

The initial $2 million investment by Weifeng Technology Corporation was originally announced a few days ago. That infusion was designed to help Sunflower project “shape the future of the metaverse virtual travel to make it safe and fun for users.”

In “Sunflower Blossom Meta-Universe” , individuals will have a complete identity, social relations and resources to carry out social activity as in the real world. Users on Sunflower Blossom Planet can create a unique identity, receive NFT cards, develop the community residents, citizens can play in the metaverse, go travel online, enjoy the natural landscapes, flowers and plants of Sunflower planet, go shopping, trading, finance, socializing, and together to build the “Sunflower Blossom Metaverse” of the grass and wood and rural, city-state streetscape.

With this new investment to Sunflower Blossom Metaverse Gaming, Weifeng Technology Corporation officially joins the ranks of unicorn companies in Malaysia. Weifeng Technology did not disclose the details of the capital contribution but said that through pouring capital into Sunflower Blossom Metaverse project to expand its scope and aim to become a global investor, especially focusing on the Metaverse traveling field.

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