The NFT Alliance has been launched to serve as a platform where Vietnamese businesses and individuals can share their vision and mission to promote Vietnam’s digital economy.

Gia Bao Truong, Vice Chairman of NFT Alliance and Chairman of Digital Transformation Alliance, DTS Group, said that NFT Alliance was established with the goal of becoming a solid launchpad for the NFT market.

“NFT digital assets has seen booming demand in the international and Vietnamese markets in recent years. They are becoming increasingly valuable; numerous works of digital art and digital assets have been announced with high market value. Metaverse will soon be a place to promote more features of NFTs and constantly increase their value. Metaverse is also increasingly showing this is a place where we can do everything we want, unlike the 2D space of smartphones. We can visit family, friends, work, play, and shop across the metaverse. Many techn giants have joined the race, Facebook even changed its name to Meta,” Bao said.

He said Vietnam is currently in the group of five leading countries in terms of interest in blockchain and metaverse technologies. Among the 200 largest metaverse blockchain companies in the world, seven are from Vietnam, he said.

The NFT Alliance. Photo by DTS
The NFT Alliance leaders. Photo by DTS

As a representative of DTS Group who has worked and invested in many domestic and foreign technology enterprises, Bao said: “Vietnam has become one of the most impressive markets for NFT game development in Southeast Asia. Internationally, Vietnamese users have been recognized as one of the most potential groups of blockchain and metaverse users. The Vietnam market can completely become a center with advantages to attract investment capital flows into this field,” he said, adding that it requires a huge amount of personnel and infrastructure.

“Metaverse still faces many challenges and difficulties. The metaverse and NFT businesses need an environment to exchange experiences, where people can find themselves a good mentor.”

Truong Gia Bao, Charmain DTS
Truong Gia Bao, Charmain of DTS. Photo by DTS

Bao said the NFT Alliance and DTS Group will join with businesses operating in the field of metaverse to disseminate to the community about digital assets, thereby, helping technology enterprises in Vietnam to catch up with the global trend.